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Daniel Dawson : installation and Exhibitions:

  • Gallery Bar, 120 Orchard Street-East Village, Lower Manhattan 2013-2014 June, Red, White and Blue, fellow British Artist-Simon Scott.

  • Con Artist Upper Gallery, 234 Ludlow Street, Lower Manhattan September 2013, 9/11 Rememberance Exhibition.

  • The Fine Art Gallery, Center Street,Bronxville, 2012 January-February Public Show for Manhattan Artists.

  • Objects and Images, Pondfield Road, Bronxville-Lower Level Gallery Watercolor Exhibition.

  • The Brooklyn Townhouse Gallery, 10th Street at 4th, Brooklyn, Esther Nash Curated Show for Opening Night Hurricane Sandy Fund Raiser.

  • The Lass O Gowrie Pub, Charles Street Manchester, UK 2010-2012 Off the Wall, Paintings of Noel Gallagher, Hendrix and Elvis.

  • Falcon Mill Art Studios, Halliwell, Bolton, 'Latest Work' Exhibition with Rob Miller and Pete Marsh.

  • Baltic Creative, Liverpool, NYC Show. dedicated to Simon Scott friend and fellow artist in New York

  • Official Artist Breeder's Cup Horse Racing World Championships, Santa Anita California 2016

  • LA River Studios, Los Angeles exhibition for Vox Productions, San Fernando Way 



Daniel is from Bolton, England, much of the work is described as being influenced and directed towards: "Transatlantic British - American popular culture and where the two converge."


Personal influence:


Dan's influences are Northern England artists such as Lowry, Harold Riley. Also Steve Penley from Georgia and Warhol's composition and material.


Not a conventional route into painting Dan has never been formally trained as an artist, he is completely self taught and recently been offered a place in the prestigious Art Students League gallery. "My granddad was an oil painter and my other grandfather was an engineer in a Liverpool factory for 25 years, so I always watched them growing up working in the garage and used to love watching them painting and doing carpentry and used to get involved/get in the way!


The work also explores the working class routes of the construction workers at the turn of the century and industrial ties present today between the north west of England and east coast America.Daniel started painting in central park on dinner breaks from work as a trainer in equinox fitness club. He saw a little Chinese man painting, he had a ‘word’ and was driven to learn more, the next day after a few pointers from his newly acquired friend , bought a size 7 flat brush and some acrylic paint".


Before pursuing art, he came to the US to play soccer after playing internationally for England schoolboy under 18's, pursuing a scholarship in Maryland at the NCAA division 1 level then played professionally in Baltimore and Cape Cod, he has coached soccer for 12 years part-time both sides of the Atlantic; for Manchester United Soccer Schools, Bolton Wanderers community program, Crystal Palace USA in Baltimore and most recently in Westchester, Harlem and Brooklyn for New York Red Bulls training programs.


Daniel uses large brushes, palette knives, credit cards and screwdrivers to get desired effects on the canvas with layers of acrylic and oil paint. The use of architectural construction drawings, enhances the depth and the actual construction drawings of buildings are used as background to the cityscapes. For instance an empire state building cityscape will have the actual working drawings and blueprints from the architect, featured in the painting. Field sketches are firstly conducted in watercolor to get a feel of color and perspective.


He has family ties to construction and architecture and draws a lot of influence in his artwork, from these industries.


Musical and Historical Influence:


Dan's musical influences originate from his love of Liverpool, where The Beatles heard the first sounds of Chuck Berry and Little Richard from ships arriving from New York, the midwest and the south. In addition the impact of the Manchester and New York music scene has been influential on aspects of Dan's artwork with inspiration coming from many different music genres and artists including Oasis and Bruce Springsteen.

Historical influence: 1776, 1812 and 9/11, political and social events which bound our two countries. British invention and engineering shaping Anglo-American industry and ultimately revolution, with its routes in Northern England.



Studio in TriBeCa, New York and Bolton, UK:



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